Karl Rove to Jeb Bush: Don’t pull a Rick Perry

Karl Rove said Jeb Bush’s recent comments calling illegal immigration an act of love were “inartful,” but warned that the former Florida governor, and potential 2016 candidate, needs to be prepared for the fallout.

Just like George W. Bush, it looks like we got ourselves, in the likes of Jeb Bush, another conservative with a heart.

Jeb has the distinction of being the brother of the most ignorant POTUS in our history, and Karl Rove is worried about Jeb becoming another Rick Perry?

Yes Karl. In no small part thanks to you, being identified with Rick Perry is Jeb Bush’s greatest worry.

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U.S. Sending 2 Warships to Japan to Counter N. Korea

Hagel told reporters after a meeting with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera. “We must be very careful and we must be very clear, all nations of the world, that in the 21st century this will not stand, you cannot go around the world and redefine boundaries and violate territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations by force, coercion and intimidation whether it’s in small islands in the Pacific or large nations in Europe.”

On the other hand, is it any better “globally” to redefine borders as if on accident, if not by coercion and intimidation?

While it is hard to define USA’s expedition into Iraq as an accident, today’s events had at their roots the change of power in the region, and that great change in power was first caused by  the U.S.A’s occupation of Iraq.

The civil war that raged in Iraq during the U.S.A.’s occupation is ongoing, while other civil wars in the region has further divided the people, as to draw new borders.

This “redefining of borders” will keep happening in the MENA until both sides in the civil wars join together as one, and, like NATO and the Ukraine connection and Russia, the U.S.A is not likely to let that happen anytime soon.

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Booted frequent flier gets no relief from Supreme Court

Or, said the opinion, written by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., passengers “can avoid an airline with a poor reputation and possibly enroll in a more favorable rival program.”

Really? The airlines were one of the most deregulated industries during the Reagan era. Are there any left with a poor reputation? If so, why is that?

Doesn’t the Market have a voice?

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Obama’s Pivot to the East; Observe the Structure

  • Boyd’s Big Ideas (AKA “Business Blitzkrieg,” presented at the first Boyd for Business & Innovation Conference in San Diego, 28 February 2014). 3.1 MB PDF

What he did2 This chart shows why structure is important. If an engineer schooled in the fine arts of war were to look at this chart, one strategy stands out. If you knock the leg out from the mass above it and let it pivot, the advantage is to the person who first knocks the leg out.

What he did

And knock the leg out is what the General did.

So first of all, Hitler sent engineers to do the duty of generals.

I am not saying that Obama’s “pivot” to the Pacific is a military move, nor that the mass above the leg (that is the Pacific Ocean) is Indonesia, Afghanistan, and the rest of the MENA, but simply the engineering side of me thinks that it looks very similar.

But I also have to ask myself, why did the General feel his line of attack was where the enemy least expected it? I realize it looks that way to a non-engineer (and someone who would actually have to fight there).

But was the question of “why” so unimportant because Russia was ultimately going to “win” anyway, or was there a need in the leadership of the Russian military that wasn’t being satisfied?

Unlike today, Russia lost the Crimea, but is it true that a lost in Crimea is not a catastrophic loss to Russia, unlike the Ukraine itself?

Just something to think about.

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Arizona students riot after losing to Wisconsin in NCAA Tournament, 15 people arrested

selfiesStudents at the University of Arizona apparently did not take Saturday night’s loss to Wisconsin in the Elite Eight well.

Oh no!!! It’s the Ukraine all over again. Riots; demonstrations; and, worst of all, selfies!

What’s next? Is Russia going to take over Phoenix?

Maybe they should Bud, maybe they should.

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It’s All in The Plan Sam

I don’t mean to be coy Roy, but I have been checking into business plans lately, and my friend seems to have stumbled upon one that I found quite interesting.

From what I have gathered from my checkings into the Web, the company she works for only sells her the products. Everything else she does for them is entertainment.

With this business plan, she is not an employee, but the customer. Most employees don’t come to work to be entertained, so it is not hard to see how appealing this business model might be.

Perhaps not so appealing, as the customer and only buyer, she is the only one who could possibly know what is in her customer’s best interest. Maintaining a customer’s interest is a big responsibility for anyone.

All customers have a cost to keep them interested, and she is the one most responsible for that cost. While her company has an interest in her success, they are really only responsible for her costs, as a customer, not her customer’s cost.

On the upside, and from what I have gathered, she believes in the old Scottish phrase: “They’re there”, and believes it applies in her situation. Her customers are out there, and the cost is mostly tied up in friendship. In other words, her friends are out there and they are ready to buy.

From her experiences in life, she knows how many customers she has, and what they would give to be in her shoes, so to speak.

But, because of finances, it comes down to her family knowing her. Can she go where no other buyer can go, to her customer’s base, or will she be content to be entertained by the company she works for? After viewing her Facebook page, it looks like her company has already taken over most of her Facebook feed.

On the other hand, I would choose my words carefully in answering that question. There is an entertainment factor to consider, but my friend is a cancer patient whose life will be in turmoil for the next 5 years or so and she is a single parent. In a way it is all work.

Maybe the better question has two parts: who are those 150 (Dunbar’s Number) close friends,  and where are those who have all they need, but want more, i.e., the company she works for?

Her Facebook page says that she works for the company and wants to be a director. Does this mean she is going to be making a living wage and start to receive health benefits for her and her young son? If that is true I wish her, as always, the best.

Conservatives respond to Christie with wary optimism

At the annual Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave attendees the aggressive red meat speech they were hungry for.

I don’t know why the Republican Conservatives bother. Everyone knows, after last years effort, that they are going to nominate another non-Christian, who represents global corporate interests.

Most likely the person will also be a non-white non-male candidate from the Western States.

Sorry Christie, take a clue from Ron Paul. The Republican Conservatives just don’t “get” you.

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Kolkata-class destroyer

Look at the guy on the left and those under him.

Look at the guy on the left and those under him.

Kolkata-class destroyer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

On 7 March 2014, a naval officer was killed and several others were injured on INS Kolkata, which was undergoing trials at the Mazagaon Dock Limited (MDL) in Mumbai.[8] As per reports, the Naval officer who perished was identified as Commander Kuntal Wadhwa.[9]

The workmen are at least into their work. If this was a Union shop, and the Steelworkers were in the workspace up above, those sitting in a lower position (like those in the bottom left of the photo) that gives the advantage to the worker above them, the worker would have, otherwise, taken that advantage.

To help explain what I mean: the American Unionized worker expects supervisors to take complete advantage of any situation, and, because of this logic, do so likewise.

I know this sounds lazy, but why not let the market take care of that which belongs to the market, i.e., supervisors?

Carson councilman calls on city to kill proposed Occidental oil drilling project

“Will the new buyer pinch pennies on its community outreach efforts? Cut corners on environmental safeguards? Skimp on its public safety obligations? Or cut costs in worker safety just to make an extra dollar? I don’t know, but that is exactly the point. Nobody knows. We should just stop wasting any more time and resources, and shelve the Occidental project now.”

Really, just stop wasting time? It sounds to me like the words coming from someone who wants something.

It will generate roughly $2.75 billion of free cash flow and boast an enterprise value of about $20 billion.

via Forbes

The spin-off company should have a large free cash flow and ready to hit the ground in a big way. It may be something that the council should look into.

via Carson councilman calls on city to kill proposed Occidental oil drilling project.

U.S. to seek extradition of Mexican drug kingpin Guzman

Guzman, 56, was captured in a pre-dawn raid on a seaside condominium in the northwestern tourist resort and fishing and shrimp-processing center of Mazatlan, around 135 miles from Guzman’s suspected base in Culiacan.

Enough said, “Put an “X” on the map and”, given time, “Our S.O.F. can be there.”

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