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I think the disparity in the number of English speakers in China vs. the number of Chinese speakers in the US will be a very great disadvantage in the event of a shooting war breaking out between the two countries.

In a shooting war with China, I don’t think language will be a disadvantage for either combatants militarily, because a war with China would escaled so quickly that intent would would be defined by actions and not words.

After the shooting was over, the advantage would remain equal.

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Democracy, Work, and Wealth | Harold Jarche | LinkedIn

Old mental models will not help us much. If we do not address wealth distribution, then we won’t be able to deal with other issues, such as climate change or environmental degradation. We need people who have the time to think about these. This has traditionally been the middle class, but it is shrinking in most developed countries. The rich alone do not give us the necessary diversity of opinions. An aggressively engaged and intelligent citizenry, in significant numbers, is needed to deal with the wicked problems facing us. Addressing wealth inequality will give us the people and the space to do so.

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Because of its large vertical command force (maybe we could call it an “on demand” force) the consumer economy has a structure similar to that of an insurgency. The hierarchical structure that the consumer economy uses to get its “things” is still present, but busy.

The problem with a consumer economy seems to be that the gap between the wealthy and poor gets wider, as the economy fades. So likely what happens is that when the wealthy gain control, as the poorer consumer insurgency loses their ability to command, a new greater hierarchic structure comes into being, and built off the one that is still present. In other words, the “Mitt Romney” of the once powerful consumer economy takes command.

The problem, if I am understanding the post the above quote comes from correctly, in the US these large platform corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google are mostly foreign. At least the majority of their workers are. So if this hierarchical structure gets too “American” and isolates much of the world, these “foreign workers” will not become a part of the “American” economy and there is no structure in the US that can replace them. These computer products are all hand built, and there are just not that many “hands” in the US worker base to replace them.

Of course this is all a bunch of crazy talk, but given the scenario of a consumer economy collapsing, the real problem with this new stronger form of a hierarchical structure taking hold in America will be that the once powerful insurgent consumer structure will change from a negative slope to a positive slope (from a -5/2 to a possible +5/2).

The problem being, a positive sloped economic structure most commonly supports a civil war instead of an insurgency.

Community Project

Every project has three domains that it must satisfy.

This is particularly true if you are building a home.

The home exists in an environment which has structure, culture, and a position within the community.

My hope is that I will design the ultimate home, but a lot of that goal depends on what I know and understand about the community I am designing it for.

Community design exists in three domains (structure, culture, and position). When designing the home I need to enter three domains. This takes, according to Howard Bloom in his book titled, ” Global Brain”, much effort.

The first domain is structure. Structure is your basic physics. From what I have learned in the engineering classes that I took at Mt. Hood Community College, physics is dependent on the force triangle, i.e. X^2 + Y ^2=hypotenuse^2.

Not very sexy, but does explain a lot about structure and its relationship with culture and position. Structure is what you see, i.e., Observe. Everything else is what you feel or in other words, it depends on the position you take.

The second domain is culture. Culture represents a position that has an advantage in the environment Observed. In fact the advantage can be so powerful that it has been said that, “culture eats structure”. I will not argue that fact, but will say, in the context of structure, never bite-off more than you can chew.

The third domain is position. Position depends on the moment of inertia that exists within the culture of the structure, What can be said of a moment of inertia is that it has an exponent to the fourth power.

So, if you are within the space of a structure and within a moment of time, then the moment of inertia, in that moment of time, represents a position that has the greatest amount of advantage within the environment you are observing, because it represent a unit of time in the feet to the fourth power. Exponents are very important, according to Thomas PM Barnett, the mastermind behind the US involvement in the Middle East after 9/11.

So structure is equally important to Culture and Position, considering the chewing and swallowing part, both domains that give you an advantage within the environment observed.

The problem is that it is hard to observe an environment that you have no part of, in either culture or position, but can be physically observed and also able to partake in the observing.

At least it can be said that it takes a special person to do the observing.

Want to Get Hired? 5 Highly Insightful Questions to Ask the Interviewer

“You wouldn’t believe how many companies haven’t thought about this and can’t provide an answer… and when that happens, I’m no longer interested in the position.”

Of course they can provide you an answer, it’s what they say it is. In the interview for work with the last corporation that I applied for employment the interviewer was quite specific. They wanted a person who could keep a shift running, while at the same time weld stainless steel tubing. While I think I could weld stainless steel tubing, in the manner for which he spoke, I really doubt I could do both. My eyes are not what they were before I reached 40, and swing shift is usually not about how much production the mechanic can get out. Swing shift is about the production the production people can put out.

He liked that I knew what “heaters” were (mechanical switches that control the amount of amps a machine uses), but he didn’t like it when I said that I hadI never welded stainless steal tubing before.

Sometimes the answer, to this guy’s question, comes before the end of the interview instead of after.

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Junk Mail?

My wife still gets mail that supposed to go to her mother. I call that junk mail, but it’s really not. Business knows there is a cost to the buy-in in the experience they have with new customers, and so a few “trinkets” laying around any house seen but unused is not a bad thing.

We don’t have the resources her mother had, but with the resources of hers that we got, I am trying to design something for future generations, and a home that my wife and her mother would enjoy together. It is a really fine line that scale balances on in decision making, and so it is when it comes down to where the money should go, in this project.

Apparently one of the senders, who her mother gave to, have an orientation that is Native American. I got one such sample labeled: from “the Lakota (Sioux) children at St. Joseph’s”. The package says that the contents are made in China, but the context does seem to originate around the culture of Native American. A German physicist that I talked with online said that the Native American culture spoke of quantum physic before all the other “advanced” civilization did. The object we received on behalf of my wife’s mother speaks to me about another dimension, and that is basically what quantum physics says.

It’s not a bad business model if you’re one of the children. After all, who could pass up a deal when there is a Dream Catcher involved and on a key chain?