Kolkata-class destroyer

Look at the guy on the left and those under him.

Look at the guy on the left and those under him.

Kolkata-class destroyer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

On 7 March 2014, a naval officer was killed and several others were injured on INS Kolkata, which was undergoing trials at the Mazagaon Dock Limited (MDL) in Mumbai.[8] As per reports, the Naval officer who perished was identified as Commander Kuntal Wadhwa.[9]

The workmen are at least into their work. If this was a Union shop, and the Steelworkers were in the workspace up above, those sitting in a lower position (like those in the bottom left of the photo) that gives the advantage to the worker above them, the worker would have, otherwise, taken that advantage.

To help explain what I mean: the American Unionized worker expects supervisors to take complete advantage of any situation, and, because of this logic, do so likewise.

I know this sounds lazy, but why not let the market take care of that which belongs to the market, i.e., supervisors?

Carson councilman calls on city to kill proposed Occidental oil drilling project

“Will the new buyer pinch pennies on its community outreach efforts? Cut corners on environmental safeguards? Skimp on its public safety obligations? Or cut costs in worker safety just to make an extra dollar? I don’t know, but that is exactly the point. Nobody knows. We should just stop wasting any more time and resources, and shelve the Occidental project now.”

Really, just stop wasting time? It sounds to me like the words coming from someone who wants something.

It will generate roughly $2.75 billion of free cash flow and boast an enterprise value of about $20 billion.

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The spin-off company should have a large free cash flow and ready to hit the ground in a big way. It may be something that the council should look into.

via Carson councilman calls on city to kill proposed Occidental oil drilling project.

U.S. to seek extradition of Mexican drug kingpin Guzman

Guzman, 56, was captured in a pre-dawn raid on a seaside condominium in the northwestern tourist resort and fishing and shrimp-processing center of Mazatlan, around 135 miles from Guzman’s suspected base in Culiacan.

Enough said, “Put an “X” on the map and”, given time, “Our S.O.F. can be there.”

via U.S. to seek extradition of Mexican drug kingpin Guzman | Reuters.

Cooling US home sales only partly due to weather

“The weather played some role, but just as much of a role was played by lower inventories, higher mortgage rates, slightly higher prices and tighter credit,” said Robert Rosener, an economist at Credit Agricole CIB in New York, who correctly projected the drop in sales. “We’re on a positive trajectory, and when the spring comes we should see a bounce back.”

I have been in design mode for most of the winter. This spring I hope to get past the designing stage and into planning.

While designing is a destructive activity that is somehow satisfying, planning (which falls within the construction activity in the process of building a home) is neither satisfying, nor does it particularly feel good.

I think it will begin to “feel good” when we start hammering nails, but we have to get through planning first.

My first move in planning should begin at the planning department for the City of The Dalles, Oregon. I need to show them my design.

So far I have 3 designs: small, big, and bigger. This spring I hope to start on one of them.

My “bigger” design is more about building a sustainable community than the other two. It involves taking full advantage of the energy of the sun, while using the land under this project in the most efficient manner. To successfully complete this design will mean I will need outside resources, while at the same time taking advantage of all forms of social media to obtain those resources.

My “big” design could be a part of a sustainable community, but full-efficiency of the land  is hard to imagine in this design, and social media is less important for the completion of this project. There is also a question about the need for outside resources, and that need has to be answered before this project can take place.

My “small” design will not directly help in creating a sustainable community, but I think it will bring great pleasure for my wife and I in our retirement.

The downside of this “small” design is that the land resides in a zone that is designated as high density residential, and this design doesn’t lend itself easily towards that designation.

Just like “The weather played some role, but just as much of a role was played by lower inventories…“, my “small” design doesn’t take advantage of the fact that there are “lower inventories” in my area.

I suppose my first question to the planning department should be, “Are there lower inventories for housing in my area, and, if there are, can this fact aid me in the planning stage?”

Just saying, the quicker I get through the planning stage the quicker I start hammering nails.

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Iraqi Army to Cordon Off Falluja Before Tribes Try to Retake Control, U.S. Says

WASHINGTON — Providing new details about the Iraqi government’s effort to regain control of a key Sunni city now occupied by jihadists, a senior State Department official said on Wednesday that the Iraqi Army planned to cordon off the city so Sunni tribes could try to secure it one neighborhood at a time.

“The plan is to have the tribes out in front, but with the army’s support,” said Brett McGurk, the top State Department official on Iraq and Iran, describing preparations to try to oust the jihadists from Falluja, a key city in Anbar Province.

Mr. McGurk, who recently met with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad, was testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

But he cautioned that Iraqi forces were facing well-equipped fighters from the group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, including snipers armed with .50-caliber rifles, making for potentially difficult street-to-street fighting.


Islamic Militants Extend Battle Into Another Iraqi ProvinceFEB. 5, 2014

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki said on Wednesday, in a weekly address, that “the battle is about to end in Anbar.”

Spoken like a true politician, as the battle changes directions.

As for the battle beginning in Falluja, the Tribes should feel just as secure with the Iraqi Army at their backs, as the Iraqi Army feels with Syria in the corridor behind them that they cordoned off.

via Iraqi Army to Cordon Off Falluja Before Tribes Try to Retake Control, U.S. Says – NYTimes.com.

Freedom Industries Ordered To Remove Storage Tanks After West Virginia Chemical Spill

West Virginia\’s governor has ordered the company at the center of a chemical spill that tainted the water supply for the state capital to begin the process of removing all above-ground storage tanks from the Charleston operation.

They can remove the spill from the people that were affected, but they cannot remove the people, who were willing to let the corporations spill things into their environment, exist.

It just seems to me, in the context of regulation (history), that the people of West Virginia are more than willing to trust corporations, than their elected officials.

At least trust them more than their Republican leaders.

Of course, during the 2016 elections they will probably all vote Republican, ha!!!

via Freedom Industries Ordered To Remove Storage Tanks After West Virginia Chemical Spill.