The Latest: Trump Says ‘I Don’t Care’ About Iowa Dispute

Trump, who on Wednesday was accusing Cruz of election fraud and calling for an Iowa do-over, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he’s so focused on the Feb. 9 contest in New Hampshire that “I don’t care about that anymore.”

Don’t care?

Wait a minute, Trump is helping to elect the next POTUS and he doesn’t care? #fail

Source: The Latest: Trump Says ‘I Don’t Care’ About Iowa Dispute – ABC News

Commoditizing; an Active Measure?

SHOCK: Hearing reports #BundyMilitia arrests were a hoax & they escaped on these magnificent birds.#Oregonstandoff— Charles Buchanan (@CRobertBuchanan) January 27, 2016

It seems likely to me that commoditizing is an Active Measure that governments use to take away the soul of an enemy. It is used to make them feel common and the movement they represent common as well. I think by definition alone that it can be said that most people are not radicalized by that which is common.

Democracy coming to the Middle East probably radicalized people as did ISIS’s quick take-over of a big swath of Syria and Iraq did. The difference was Democracy was commoditized and ISIS has not been as lucky yet.

Who ever created this photo helped commoditize the non-local militia that occupied and harassed federal officials in Burns Oregon. The fact it has now been traded on the market in blood, does not make its use as an Active Measure any less powerful, nor attractive.

Source: Twitter

OODA; A Node Looking for an Edge

In another post I wrote: ” nodes are the ends to the path across the gap between nodes.”.  I also said, “…edges are the pathways between nodes… “.The OODA loop is a node not an edge. All the information needed to understand what OODA means is here.

A node and an edge are a continuum, “: a range or series of things that are slightly different from each other and that exist between two different possibilities”. The two different possibilities are space and time. A node takes up space–an edge is a matter of time. The slight difference between them is that a node is held in position by time–an edge is defined in distance by the space between nodes. A node is space specific, while an edge is time specific, but each are defined by the other.

A node and an edge each has a separate environment. In the OODA process it is time that holds each step in the process together in its environment, but each step in the process is in one environment and it is the edges, in another environment, that makes the OODA whole. The distance between Observation, Orientation, Decision, and Action define the edges and give them meaning.

The most important edge is between Decision and Action. It is this edge that makes the OODA loop an open loop and gives the OODA loop a position of advantage in the environment the OODA loop is Observed in. The advantage is in the distance of the edge and the position of Orientation relative to the edge’s environment. The position is created by thinking, and thinking is the essence of life.

In other words, the edge between Decision and Action, through thinking, makes the OODA loop an open loop and a living organism.

Time is a position–space is distance to the 3rd power. When an area of time is in position it is T^2–When space is in time it is distance^4 and in a form of acceleration when, at zero velocity, called gravity, where there is a change in distance, but no change in time.

US Air Force shelves Warthog plane retirement amid IS fight: media

Washington (AFP) – The US Air Force will delay retiring the A-10 — a stalwart attack aircraft beloved by ground troops — because of the ongoing fight against the Islamic State group, a military news site reported Wednesday.

So basically, the USA is going to invade Iraq as it did Afghanistan, i.e. it will eliminate the competing insurgency, ISIS, with Iraqi troops. The significant factor will be that these troops will be Arab instead of Iranian.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

In other words, we are creating another Afghanistan.

While those already  fighting in Afghanistan will be ahead of the curve, I wonder about the POTUS nominations. Will they be prepared?

Another 10 years in Iraq?

Source: US Air Force shelves Warthog plane retirement amid IS fight: media – Yahoo News

Ft.^4=G; Mystery Solved

Statics is the center of gravity around which any course in engineering is created. It was in my statics class that I was first introduced to the units of measure feet to the fourth power. This is the units for a moment of inertia. But what does it look like?

This was the question I asked my instructor. What does ft^4 look like? I mean in my life, which at the time was going on 50 years, I was able to  see in my mind what ft.^2 (area) looks like. I also could “see” what ft.^3 (volume) looks like, but ft^4 was a mystery to me. So I asked my instructor.

He couldn’t help me. I told him that it must be similar to a sphere, and settled on a sphere at a radius as my mental image of ft^4. I don’t know how helpful it was to have this picture, but I ended up receiving an A- in the class, which I was real satisfied with.

But really, if you are able to hold a mental image of gravity, gravity has the units of measure ft^4. If you can’t hold that image, gravity is probably unitless.

Maybe if my statics class had been calculus based I would have come to this image as gravity sooner, as calculus, I was told, enables you to understand infinity better, which seems to me would have made the understanding of gravity better, but I am not sure.

I haven’t worked out the math for gravity yet, but then math was never my greatest advantage, in engineering class. I understood math, but I had the same ability in the maneuvering of numbers as I did in maneuvering letters for spelling, poor.

That said, gravity is basically acceleration at zero velocity, which, unlike acceleration where at zero velocity there is a change in time but not distance, in gravity there is a change in distance, but no change in time. The units of measure for acceleration is second^2 and the units for gravity is ft^4. I suppose ft^4 is a quantum.

Time is a position, as is space a distance (or a bunch of distances). That is why the speed of light is a constant. Once you reach the speed of light, you have positioned yourself in the same position as all time in all the moments in 3 dimensions. The only thing left in the fourth dimension is the change in distance, and that change is the same in all our solar system and beyond. So, upon reaching the speed of light, acceleration becomes constant, but velocity stops, and what you have left is ft^4 power.

As gravity is energy and not force, I guess I can start by writing: E=ft^4, which has zero meaning to me and probably everyone else. You got a moment? :)


More armed men visit site of Oregon wildlife refuge standoff.

The network, a consortium of groups from Oregon, Washington and Idaho, arrived at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge midmorning in a convoy of about 18 vehicles, carrying rifles and handguns and dressed in military attire and bulletproof vests.

The people of the USA were well served by the fed’s decision to not bring the Harney County resolution to a quick close. Their inaction brought the big-boys out, who, if the federal government was looking at the situations strategically, were the ones they should have been targeting in the first place. The 3%’ers are the only organization who can really represent the insurgency forming in the USA today.

The Bundys were the Sarah Palin of militia groups, no real threat, but not  someone in a position to negotiate either.

Even though they might not really represent the situation locally, the 3%’ers are in a position open to negotiations.


Source: More armed men visit site of Oregon wildlife refuge standoff – Yahoo News

Special Forces Raiding Islamic State Positions, Says Iraqi Official – Yahoo News

Consequently, this strategy is undermining ISIS rather than strengthening it.”

Yes but it looks like Spartacus is killing his horse. ” The company could be worth as much as $2.5 trillion, according to financial analysts.”, which could go a long way in boosting that strategy. I guess it is about who is willing to buy in. Does this story mean that the Special Forces are buying in?

I don’t think the author really says, as it is out of the Arab media, and they would not be in a position to know of such matters, unless it was expressed by their leaders.

Source: Special Forces Raiding Islamic State Positions, Says Iraqi Official – Yahoo News