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 They will target our shopping malls, movie theaters, elementary schools, our churches, synagogues, mosques and sidewalk cafes with car bombs and AK-47’s while tweeting and instagramming their kills.

But can ISIS actually target anyone? I mean they can play on the feeble minded individuals like the Orlando shooter, and those like him, but, as for targeting, they only have the targets they have, not necessarily the targets they need.

ISIS is basically fighting a civil war and I don’t understand how targets, like the Orlando gay bar, get the organisation of ISIS any advantage in the civil war they are fighting, unless, of course, they can get Trump elected.

Another BushII (ignorance at the top-down) in the White House would be a feather in their cap, so to speak, as ignorance, in the leader of the free world, of the basics of world power, would most likely open up a religious war again in Iraq, and that is a war ISIS believes history (of the Iraq war) says that it will win.

Trump is either against the government of the USA or with it. So far he has shown, by his ignorance, that he is against it.

Not a poistion I would like to be in, if I was he.

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How Clinton donor Rajiv Fernando got a job as a nuclear expert he wasn’t qualified for.

Still, it’s yet one more example of why Clinton is so fortunate that she’s set to face off against Donald Trump in the general. She and her allies want to make November a referendum about him, which is understandable given he’s a race-baiting demagogue who poses a unique danger to the world. But doing that will also conveniently allow her to skirt legitimate questions about what her past time in office suggests about the type of president she might be.

What legitimate questions is this person talking about?

There really is no doubt nor question about what type of president she might be. She will be the type of president of the status pro.

There is also no doubt what type of POTUS Trump will be, at least according to his base.

Trump will appeal more to those of the facisits persuasion.

So, skirt away!


Source: How Clinton donor Rajiv Fernando got a job as a nuclear expert he wasn’t qualified for.

Donald Trump Just Made Some Shady Insinuations About President Obama and the Orlando Shooting

On Monday, Trump doubled down on his comments telling Fox News “I’ve been right about a lot of things, frankly. … I was right about many, many things.”

No he hasn’t. He has been wrong about everything.

From thinking that the US government can pick up his bill, when he went bankrupt in his entrepreneurial adventures, to thinking that Obama is un American.

Of course, the US government did pick up the bill when he went bankrupt in some of his capitalistic deals (and you Mr. Trump and the other corporate welfare clients are also welcome), but I think Obama has time and again proved himself an American.

The problem is, for Trump, Obama has been hiding behind some kind of camouflage.

What that camouflage structure is, I can only guess.

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Trump: I’m the “least racist person there is”

Donald Trump’s Twitter war for the White House continued Saturday with an attack on Mitt Romney and perhaps one of the boldest declarations of his presidential campaign thus far.

From the above photo, it looks like the “Red Hats” have gone camouflage. I am not sure what that means. Camouflage is used to make structures, human or human technology, blend into the environment. So my guess is that Trump doesn’t see race (or is racist) as long as its structure is hidden (camouflaged) from view.

So Trump probably doesn’t see the Mexican help he hires at his hotels, as long as they stay camouflage in their workspace. If they come out of their workspace and, let’s say, sit on a court bench, then I guess the camouflage is off, and they become Mexican.

I think the Republican nominating convention is about to get a lot more interesting, as the Red Hats come off and the camouflage goes on.

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Trump declares he’ll do more for “our African-American people”

During his victory speech on June 7, 2016, Trump says he is going to “take care of our African-American people that have been mistreated for so long.”

Ah, such a good man. It is about time someone started standing up for “our” African-Americans, because God knows, they can’t stand up for themselves.

What an ass.

What does he expect? Our African Americans will be become, like those Red-hats at his nomination convention and salute the Donald?

I mean, they should. Don’t we own them?

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It’s that time of the year

“to quote Faulkner, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.””
That is something we should never forget.

Slightly East of New

It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day
I was out choppin’ cotton and my brother was balin’ hay

Nothing captures the mood of a place — the heat that penetrates, the dust, the humidity — like the Ode to Billie Joe:

Although Ms. Gentry was born in nearby Chickasaw County, the song has long been associated with Greenwood, where the Tallahatchie and Yalobusha come together to form the Yazoo. It’s where she started school and learned to play a variety of musical instruments. As an aside, “Greenwood” doesn’t appear in the lyrics — the only actual places mentioned are Tupelo and the “Carroll County picture show,” neither of which are in the Delta.

To get to the point, Greenwood is also where my wife, Ginger, was born.  So the song has always had a lot of significance to us.

If you’ve never been to the Mississippi…

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Donald Trump says he won’t attend White House Correspondents’ Dinner

In a blow to President Obama’s joke writers and C-SPAN’s ratings, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump says he will not attend the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner later this month.

In my opinion, it sounds to me like White Eyes (complements of the orange coloring) may also have very thin-skin, as Bill Maher can attest to.

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