Donald Trump says he won’t attend White House Correspondents’ Dinner

In a blow to President Obama’s joke writers and C-SPAN’s ratings, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump says he will not attend the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner later this month.

In my opinion, it sounds to me like White Eyes (complements of the orange coloring) may also have very thin-skin, as Bill Maher can attest to.

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US orders diplomatic, military families out of south Turkey


From Max

From Max, one of the commentators: “They are fighting PKK (Kurdish ISIL).”

I am not sure I understand. I mean I believe all Kurds want to set up an Islamic state, but they want it to be a Kurdish state. Also I don’t understand why bother to call one ISIL and the other ISIS, as if linking them and separating both ISIL and ISIS into something completely different.

I too believe that Turkey is under appreciated by the West, but Max’s comments seem strange to me in its alignment. The difference between a Kurdish ISIL and ISIS is not in area. Both want to be in the same general area (the Levant). The difference is in how to align family boarders within the location of the area they want to control.

The Kurdish families (which include both Sunni and Shia) want to set up a Islamic state whose borders align with Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, the places where they live–ISIS wants to set up an Islamic State where everyone else in the region lives, but without boarders. But then ISIL has declared much the same intentions  as ISIL has, in forming a Caliphate. In fact some people might say that ISIL and ISIS are one and the same.

That point would be hard to argue.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department and Pentagon ordered the families of U.S. diplomats and military personnel Tuesday to leave posts in southern Turkey due to “increased threats from terrorist groups” in the country.

The only thing I am sure about is that neither Turkey nor ISIS will ever join a so-called “Kurdish ISIL”, but there may be a little ISIL in all of them, and leftover from the good-old-days of the Turkish Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire.

Source: US orders diplomatic, military families out of south Turkey – Yahoo News

One of Trump’s foreign policy advisers is a 2009 college grad who lists Model UN as a credential 

Listen to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump discuss some of his foreign policy positions with The Washington Post editorial board. “NATO is costing us a fortune,” Trump said. “We’re not reimbursed fairly for what we do.” (The Washington Post)

Perhaps, in regards to what we “do”,  NATO doesn’t reward bad behavior?

I like how Trump the candidate talks about borrowing from China. We are borrowing from China, but it is in US dollars, and as long as we buy China’s assembled products, I am sure we can continue to “borrow” from China.

Is Trump suggesting the US tells the computer industry where to manufacture and assemble their products, as he re-arms Europe and sends defence contracts overseas?

Source: One of Trump’s foreign policy advisers is a 2009 college grad who lists Model UN as a credential – The Washington Post

Pentagon moving to increase US troop numbers in Iraq soon

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon said Friday it was moving to increase the number of American forces in Iraq and announced that U.S. forces have killed the Islamic State’s finance minister. “We are systematically eliminating ISIL’s cabinet,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said.

I think Trump will have a mandate to make those in the Arab world take care of their own, or pay us to do it for you. I wonder if Trump knows how quickly relationships can change? I mean he had to maintain his image to keep people coming back to his buildings with his name on it. Is he going to keep that image, or become a leader.

In other words, is Trump going to put his name on this country or not? Would a leader?

Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said recommendations on ways to increase U.S. support for Iraq’s ground fight against IS are going to be discussed with President Barack Obama soon.

So muster up some cash Congress, if you got some kind of war to fight, or not. But let’s face it, this election might be the most important one you let happen–you need to commit yourself to something more than throw Obama out of the WH.

The Constitution has done that part for you, so who are you fighting? Not a big fan of the Constitution, eh?

“The secretary and I both believe that there will be an increase in U.S. forces in Iraq in coming weeks, but that decision hasn’t been made,” Dunford told Pentagon reporters during a briefing. He did not say how big that increase might be.

Yes Republicans, Obama hasn’t made that decision yet. Do you want Trump to do it? The answer maybe something voters need to listen to before the Middle East explodes, and not after, when it is out of our control.

One may say that we never had control in the first place. The difference between Shia and Sunni Arabs have been deemed unsolvable according to Islam, and, from what I have heard, climate change is taking away their water, neither which the Republican’s base believe we have control of.

I am just not sure Trump is saying that. That is the problem when living inside a bubble.

Source: Pentagon moving to increase US troop numbers in Iraq soon – Yahoo News

From Russia with love: why the Kremlin backs Trump 

The Kremlin can’t believe its luck,” said Konstantin von Eggert, an independent Moscow-based political analyst who believes the Obama administration has not been forceful in countering Russia.

President Obama and (Secretary of State) John Kerry were a dream team for them, but now they have an even better option; someone who thinks that America should have nothing to do with the rest of the world.

Perhaps the Kremlin can’t believe its luck, when the US is about to elect Donald Trump the POTUS. But the Kremlin is not lucky in that Trump is an isolationist–the Kremlin is lucky that Trump is a businessman and not a leader.

A lot can be said about Putin, but it can not be said that he is not a leader–Trump, so far in his bid for the POTUS, has not shown that he is a leader.

Trump knows who his customers are in the Republican base–but doesn’t understand how to lead from that position. Trump is not an isolationist, but his customers are. Trump may know who his customers are, but how is he going to lead them when he doesn’t believe in their movement?

The Kremlin should be thankful for the fact that Trump is a businessman. The Kremlin can use as many customers as the businessmen Trump is willing to give them. When Trump the businessman meet with Putin he will have a whole briefcase full of customers.

The Kremlin, under the Putin leadership, knows how to deal with businessmen, their business model depends on it. Putin has said the he will build an Industrial Military Complex and to accomplish that he needs customers.

Dealing with leaders, such as Obama, Hillary, or Bernie Sanders is another thing. Leaders are behind (or infront) of a movement and are hard to control–businessmen are not. Businessmen are not necessarily leaders, but to be successful, they must know their customers and they must know how to deal in cash. For leaders to be successful they need to be ahead or behind a movement of people.

“It must be money you brought, to better haggle with us on key issues,” Putin joked, looking across the table at a smiling Kerry.

Source: What’s briefcase?

When Trump’s Secretary of State visits Putin, the briefcase will be full of money, as Putin expected. Businessmen know that there is a price for every customer, and Trump, I am sure, will be more than happy to buy into what Putin is selling, i.e. leadership, as long as Trump gets to put his name on it.

Source: From Russia with love: why the Kremlin backs Trump – To Inform is to Influence

After Trump pulls out, Fox News cancels Republican debate – Yahoo News

Trump, who has clashed with Fox News throughout his campaign, told Fox in an interview on Wednesday he would not appear at the event, scheduled for Monday, because he thought the Republicans had “had enough debates.”

Exactly! The vote is in. It, the will of the USA, will come down to electing a fascist government or a Democratic one.

Which are you going to choose?

Vote often and in large numbers.

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The only wisdom we can hope to acquire.Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless..The houses are all gone under the sea..The dancers are all gone under the hill.

From the words of a true poet and philosopher, thanks.

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